Why Photography by Luke?

Commercial photography – show them who you really are

Showing somebody who you are and what you do is so much more powerful and compelling than simply telling them. The difference could bring you new business. It’ a difference commercial photographers make.

Bring your business to life with commercial photography

Great commercial photography finds the personality in your products, people or services. That could mean capturing the idea and spirit behind a piece of architecture, or getting beneath the surface of a product to show its true potential.

I’m a commercial photographer who loves to help businesses show a side of themselves their customers may not always see. It’s that difference that makes people curious, that sparks interest and conversation. It’s that difference that makes them more likely to get in touch.

Making a difference with commercial photography

Corporate portraits of grey suits against grey walls, or images that show the true energy and personality of your people? Functional fashion shots, or commercial photography that reaches beyond the clothes to reveal the attitude, heart and motivation behind the work?

As a professional commercial photographer that’s what I do. I’d love to do the same for you.

Talk to me about creating corporate photography that shows the world what you’re really about.

Corporate photography by Luke Richards – bring your business to life

Corporate photography by Luke Richards