Show your best side

Before I take your portrait, please tell me if there’s something you’d rather I didn’t focus on.

Today, I carried out a commercial photo shoot in Lancashire that involved taking the portraits of the senior team. Within about 5 seconds of the first subject walking in, I heard the classic, “Good luck getting a decent shot of me – I hate having my photograph taken.”

Seriously, I hear that every day of my professional life. Every day, in one setting or another. Most people don’t enjoy having their photograph taken, especially if they’re not a member of the selfie generation. But two things can help:

One is having a professional portrait photographer who puts you at ease. And putting you at ease is just one of things that distinguishes a professional photographer in Preston from the non-professionals.

The second thing that can help you feel far better about your corporate shot is knowing your Lancashire portrait photographer will listen to what you say. So if you have a best side. If you hate smiling with your mouth open. If you have a feature you really dislike, or conversely a feature you really like and wish someone would focus on for a change, just tell me, please.

I guarantee the results will leave you saying the other phrase I hear more often than any other:

“You know, I rather like that. That’s the best photo of me I think I’ve ever had taken.”

Commercial portrait photography in Preston? Show your best side. Please contact me.

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