Why it’s ok for commercial photography to be less…commercial

It’s easy to think of commercial photography purely as product shots, portraits or case study imagery. And whilst it can be all those things, it can also be rather subtler – as this shoot for Logicspot demonstrates.

Logicspot Team Member Working on Computer

Your website has a lot of plates to spin. It’s there to show the world what you can do. Sell your products. Provide contact details. Perhaps even suggest ways of using your products or services, or offer the testimonials of people who have.

For any self-respecting ecommerce and digital marketing agency, though, it has to do something else too. It needs to paint a picture of what it will be like to work with you.

That’s perhaps not an obvious angle for commercial photography, but for any business where success will come down to the ability of a team to work together and to work with you, it’s absolutely essential.

Logicspot Team Member Meeting

I visited Logicspot’s cool Richmond offices (and nearby locations) to shoot new images for the website that captured the essence of what the company’s all about. That meant skipping the more traditional route of the corporate portrait in favour of something more lifestyle photography-based.

These images convey collaboration. Teamwork. Partnership. In a pleasing break with corporate tradition, the Logicspot team were even happy to decamp to a local restaurant for a shoot that wonderfully demonstrates that ‘we’re not just people who happen to work together.’ They enjoy each other’s company. They finish each other’s sentences (and sandwiches).

This is commercial photography that doesn’t need to say ‘we can build your eCommerce site’ (because the website’s portfolio pages do that perfectly well). Instead, it’s a commercial photography shoot that says ‘you’ll be able to work with us; we’ll make it easy.’ And if you’ve ever tried to commission a website or work with marketers, you’ll know that can be worth its weight in gold.

I’m also happy to report that this really isn’t just for the camera. The Logicspot people are a great team to work with and it’s been a pleasure to be part of their development.

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