Out of home advertising? Best get some better images

Out of home advertising has been on the comeback trail of late. But if your business is to take real advantage of it, you’ll need imagery that’s a match for the technology.

Billboards and static Adshel campaigns are hardly an endangered species – yet – but digital out of home advertising (DOOH) enables you to engage far more interactively with your customers than ever before – if you have the right imagery.

As this article notes DOOH creates new opportunities for brands, and you don’t need to be a corporate big beast to take advantage of them.

New infrastructure, facial recognition software and digital screen are combining to create more ways to engage on the street, but that does place a greater demand on your imagery.

More street furniture means more images seen more widely. It increases the rate at which your campaigns eat up the images from past shoots. To keep pace, brands and agencies are having to commission more coverage, so when it comes to multi-channel and multi-device, there’s a ready supply of shots that don’t require the same photo to be repeated endlessly.

Everyone’s invited

Now, if you’re a modest-sized business, you may think that the only people affected by this are professional commercial photographers, big brands and their agencies.

But actually, DOOH is spreading the benefits of street level advertising beyond the corporate heavyweights.

You can now rent space on billboards and street screens online at simple click-to-purchase sites, meaning you can target ad spend and visibility to your local area. As per larger brands, though, you really need professional corporate photography to make your ad pop, and ensure the spend proves worthwhile.

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