A literal approach to Caring Hands’ commercial photography

Sometimes, it really is ok to keep things simple…

Caring Hands Care Home

I’m not one for literal photography. I’ll give you an example of the sort of thing I mean: my local paper ran a story not so long ago about a man who was unhappy about the potholes in his road. The accompanying photo showed the chap crouching in the middle of a road, pointing at a pothole and looking glum. You see what I mean? All too often, photography that tries to match every element of a story to an element in the image just looks as though it’s trying too hard.

All of which is a long-winded way of getting to the bit where I completely go against that and engage in a bit of literal photography of my own – and here’s why…

Caring Hands manage home care, live-in care and dementia care for the elderly. And having spent some time in their company, they couldn’t be lovelier. Caring Hands isn’t just the name of the business – it feels as though it’s the mantra of everyone here.

Caring Hands Care Home

So when BrightRED Digital asked me to carry out the commercial photography for this Lancashire business, that phrase ‘caring hands’ stayed with me.

You can show care in a host of ways, but nothing is perhaps quite so simple or powerful as holding hands – so that’s what these images use as their motif. I worked with a number of careworkers and residents, and in each the running theme of hand-holding provides a very literal and powerful visual cue as to just where this business’ heart is.

Caring Hands Care Home

Taking that a step further, I’m hoping to be back soon to bring a similar feel to Caring Hands’ videos.

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