A shout out to North West digital agencies

Agencies: looking for a commercial photographer who gets the brief, gets the job done and meets the deadline?

I know, I know: this is a blog – hardly the place for overt touting of services. But it occurred to me that I keep name-dropping north west digital/PR/marketing agencies (see, for example, Furious Lemon in my last post) without ever actually saying that that’s a part of my work that I’m keen to expand.

So permit me 30 seconds to say it now.

I know the world is full of commercial photographers, but in my experience, the ability to compose a great shot is just one of the tools agencies need.

  • They need someone who’ll turn up when they say they will
  • They need someone who’ll capture the images required by the brief, rather than inventing their own
  • They need someone who’s not only happy to ‘white-label’ their work for the agency, but who also represents that agency in a positive way on site
  • And they need someone who they can get along with – because trying to deal with anyone without a bit of rapport is just hard work

That’s what I do and who I am. So if your digital marketing agency is expanding and you need a freelance commercial photographer in the North West to add to your team, ask me.

You’ll find me here.

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