What does your school prospectus photography really say about you?

Channing High School is an outstanding private girls’ school in North London. But when ‘outstanding’ is a difficult thing to explain in the copy of your school prospectus, is it possible to show it in the prospectus photography?

Channing High School Students Working Together

What is it that makes a school outstanding? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not exam results. Those are the outcomes and evidence of being outstanding, not the reason for it.

Outstanding is what happens every day, with every pupil. It’s something you can see in the pupil/teacher relationships, in the way the students work with each other, in the enthusiasm for answering a question and in the simple pleasures of enjoying a break on the school field.

That was what I wanted to show in my latest school prospectus photography shoot. This was my third visit to Channing Hill, updating its photography to keep things fresh and current. Natural was the order of the day, and staff and pupils were brilliant at making each shot feel fun yet unforced.

I believe these images show a school that makes learning a happy experience. Where great friendships are formed. And where staff and pupils are collaborators in success. Take a look at your school prospectus photography – and if the images don’t convey the right message, give me a call on 07766 385 515.

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