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Medical School Council Photo Shoot

There aren’t many digital marketing agencies in the North West who have such a large and regular requirement for commercial photography that they have their own in-house photographer.

Far more common is the ‘photographer pool’, a pot of freelance photographers they can call on as and when the need arises. That works for the agency, because it cuts the cost of employing a commercial photographer full time and allows them to pick their ideal photographer for a specific job. And it works for north-west freelance photographers like me, who get to work with a variety of agencies on a variety of projects – which keeps things fresh and interesting.

Medical School Council Photo Shoot

This job is a perfect example of that. I work regularly with a number of agencies in the North West and Lancaster’s Fat Media has just become the latest to commission me.

The project was for the Medical Schools Council, a body that represents 33 publicly funded medical schools and one post graduate school in the UK. Fat Media had seen my portfolio of previous education-related work – from numerous school and college prospectuses to videos and imagery for a private tutoring organisation – and realised I was the natural photographer for this job.

Having seen the results of this shoot, I very much hope they’ll add me to their pool of photographers in the future.

Are you a north-west creative agency looking for a corporate photographer who specialises in school prospectus photography, corporate portraits, architectural and product shots? I’d love to work with you – please give a call here.

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