Are you making the most of lifestyle photography?

Do your images show the things you do – or the difference you make? That’s the power of lifestyle photography.

Yoga Lifestyle Photography

This week I’ve been poolside, slide-side and gym-side, capturing images for leisure chain MyTime, the innovative health and wellbeing organisation that’s busy changing people’s lives for the better across much of the UK.

Swimming Lifestyle Photography

Rarely have I completed quite such an active shoot, joining the fitness classes, swimming lessons and following the kids through 4 floors of soft play area (yes, I had all the necessary consent forms) to capture photography designed to do far more than show off MyTime’s facilities.

You see, MyTime is more than a group of fitness centres and play places. It’s a business built on providing facilities for the communities it serves – facilities that make a difference to people. And that’s what lifestyle photography is. Instead of filling your website and brochures with images of ‘things you do/make/sell’, fill it with images that show the effect of the things you do/make/sell on the lives of your end users.

Exercise Lifestyle Photography

That’s lifestyle photography, something I seem to be increasingly asked about by London clients, but less so in and around Preston. So here’s my tub-thumping call to Preston’s businesses: your commercial photography is better when you stop showing what it is, and start showing what it does.

Let’s talk about your lifestyle photography – in Preston, and everywhere else. Please get in touch here.

Exercise Lifestyle Photography

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