Commercial photography from a new angle

How to show more than just the product in your commercial photography.

Redsky Commercial Photo Shoot

It’s a sweeping generalisation, I’ll admit, but here’s the single biggest difference between what you get from a design agency and a Preston commercial photographer, and someone from the office who’s got the latest iPhone: it’s depth.

This is a perfect example of what I mean. Recently, Bird Marketing, a brand new and rather excellent design agency, commissioned me to shoot some promotional images for Redsky. They’re an expanding solar energy company whose photovoltaics are popping up on the roofs of schools, universities, offices and commercial units across the country.

Redsky Commercial Photo Shoot

When your design and photography is handled by people whose speciality is the installation of solar panels, you end up with images of solar panels.

Redsky Commercial Photo Shoot

But when you realise where your specialities lie and ask someone else to handle the design and photography, you get images like these. Yes, of course they feature solar panels. But they do so much more.

•   They tell you about the scale of what Redsky does. Because there’s a clear sense of place about these images, it’s clear that Redsky installs solar panels on commercial or public buildings, not just domestic.

•   They tell you about the standards of the organisation. The hard hats, hi-vis jackets and safety fencing show you that this is a business that takes safety seriously. To customers, the images suggest a company used to the standards required in and around premises like theirs.

•   And they tell you about the people of Redsky, who we see in action, working together to deliver an impressive end result.

That’s the power of professional commercial photography. It took over 100 words to put that in writing, 100 words that most people who look at your website will never read. Yet it took just a couple of images to show it rather than say it.

Redsky Commercial Photo Shoot

How could you use design and corporate photography to show the difference you make? Let’s have a chat about making photography a core part of your messaging. You’ll find me here.

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