The art of subtlety in your commercial photography

Sometimes, what’s happening around the main subject of your imagery is every bit as important as what’s in the foreground…

Reflections WD Research Photo

When market researchers need to bring their subjects together and put them at ease, they choose viewing facilities. If you’ve never heard of such a place, well, until Reflections gave me a call, neither had I.

Viewing facilities are places where a representative sample of the general public can be exposed to new products or marketing ideas in a controlled environment. The problem is that the more artificial the environment, the less natural your subjects’ reactions are likely to be.

Reflections WD Research

That’s why the viewing facilities at Reflections are so highly sought after. And that’s why I was there, to capture interior, exterior and lifestyle photography to demonstrate that, whilst you can learn a lot from talking to a group in a slick, hermetically sealed office, you can learn a whole lot more from relaxed surroundings, fine food and the subtle use of the latest technology.

My brief was to spend two half days shooting individuals and groups in action. But the purpose of this commercial photography wasn’t to capture the details of the discussions; it was to show the very best of the environment in which those meetings took place.

Reflections Interior

Making your photography work harder
Discretion is important – it’s tough to have an unbiased conversation when there are rows of researchers sat opposite you scribbling down your every word. So Reflections uses recordings and two way mirrors to remove the analysts from the environment. Food is an essential component of every research event, especially since many are held during the evening with people who may not have had chance to grab a meal before they arrived. So Reflections ensures their food is, for subjects and client companies alike, a real highpoint.

Cake Stand

And then there’s the ambiance. Reflections has worked hard to create a modern environment where comfort goes hand in hand with the latest technology. The result makes the public feel completely at ease in giving their views, and then allows those views to be live- streamed anywhere in the world. Small wonder, then, that when brands like Kellogg’s need viewing facilities, they call Reflections.

This was a really good example of packing a commercial photography shoot with lots of subtle messages. From the room décor to the technology, from the food to the furnishings, what these shots are really saying is that Reflections is a welcoming place of scale, credibility and attention to detail.

Reflections Relaxing Interior

And when all of that is covered by your imagery, you’ve got commercial photography that’s working harder for you.

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