5 ways to use corporate event photography to capture the best of this year’s Xmas party

With Christmas fast approaching, here are some ideas for capturing the very best of your event by making more of the corporate event photography.

Christmas Corporate Event Photography

The red carpet arrival
A grand event needs an entrance to match, and let’s face it, all the effort in getting ready has been leading to this. Your guests will be looking at their absolute best as they arrive, which makes this the perfect time to capture them.

Ask your corporate event photographer to prowl the red carpet and collect individual and group shots of your staff, clients and leaders as they arrive.

Corporate Event Red Carpet Arrival

(Incidentally, if you love the idea of a red carpet arrival but neither you nor the venue have an actual red carpet, just ask me.)

It seems a shame to choose a theme for your event and then not have a photographer on hand to capture the results doesn’t it? So from masquerades to black and white to Arabian nights, make sure all that drama doesn’t go to waste.

You get a great authenticity and naturalness to the shots when you give your event photographer licence to roam the room capturing the moments that catch the eye.

In my experience, there’s a sweet spot (a sort of magic hour or two) at most events when reportage event shots produce fantastic results. It’s usually after the initial reticence subsides – you know the bit at the start of the evening where everyone’s making polite conversation? – but before we reach the ‘I don’t want that captured on camera’ stage.

But when everyone’s guard is down and when everyone’s being themselves, you can capture some really lovely, funny or heart-warming moments.

Letting Your Hair Down

The pop-up studio
I’m using the word ‘formal’ very loosely here, but why not use a side room from the main event to capture formal group and individual shots? The beauty of a studio set up is that you can have proper lighting and backdrops, giving your event photography a finish you just can’t achieve shooting in the event room itself.

The photo booth
Let the silliness breakout. There are lots of photobooth formats – mine is in a VW campervan stuffed with wigs, props and other paraphernalia. Grab a small team or group of friends, cram them into the van, and enjoy the results.

A Lancashire corporate event photographer isn’t just for Christmas
Christmas may be the one time in the year that practically every business puts on some sort of celebration, but don’t confine your event photography to that. Bring me to your awards ceremonies, AGM, product launches and press conferences throughout the year and you’ll have an ongoing supply of images to use and use again in your brochures, on your website and in your social media.

Want to talk about your Christmas corporate event photography? Give me a call.

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