Annual portrait photography for your annual report?

When your people are the face of your business, why wouldn’t you choose professional portrait photography to capture them at their best?

Chorley Building Society Staff Members

Come spring, every limited company of size is busy putting its annual report together. And that means that every January and February, I’m busy helping produce the imagery to be used in those reports.

The thing is, you can’t take a photograph of a ‘company’ because that’s a nebulous, legalistic thing. What you can do is capture a company’s people in a corporate portrait. And that means, in a very real way, that your people are your company. They’re the ones who make things happen day to day – and theirs are the faces with which people (shareholders, customers and everyone else) can connect.

That’s why corporate portraits matter. And that’s why, one chilly January morning, I set up base in Chorley Building Society’s offices with a small portable studio comprising laptop, lights and reflectors.

Commercial portrait photography isn’t like other forms of photography because it has to serve a very specific purpose. These shots, for example, needed to do more than act as a photographic record of the Chorley Building Society board. I wanted them to show warmth and personality – because you trust and engage with an image that shows humanity. And yet there also needed to be a through-line of credibility and professionalism – a feeling that Chorley Building Society customers (and their money) are in safe hands.

Chorley Building Society Staff Members

The society board loved these portrait shots for those very reasons. They’re seriously considering having an annual photo shoot so their annual report always carries new imagery that keeps showing Chorley Building Society at its warm, engaging best.

Let’s talk about your commercial portrait photography. Please give me a call.

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