A 5-point guide to Syn

Your nightclub is ready for its relaunch and you want to make sure your marketing material shows the new look at its best. You can’t do that with a club full of revellers as every shot will feature more dancers than dance floor. Yet a club without people… won’t that look a little, well, tame?

That’s been my latest commercial photography challenge for Syn Nightclub in Leeds. How do you make a nightclub without life appear anything less than lifeless? For me, it was about getting energy and movement into the shots in other ways – and thankfully the new Syn design offers bags of inspiration to get a commercial photographer’s imagination (and camera) firing. Here’s my 5-point guide to making more of Syn:

Reflection: From the mirrored walls to the bar top, when every surface bounces light around like a pinball it can’t help but bring your corporate photography to life.
Light: You’ve more dancing lights at your disposal than Blackpool Illuminations. Let’s use them.
Flares: Turn every light into a starburst and you create a sense of movement and energy.
Angles: Square is, well square. So I’ve opted for angles that create interest, from the club sign to showing every bottle reflected in the bar.
Colour: Make the most of shooting in a nightclub. After all, where else can your colour palette switch from reds to purples to whites in seconds?

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