What should your corporate portrait say?

A corporate portrait is as much about what you stand for as it is about who’s who. It can show warmth and approachability, passion and credibility. A corporate portrait says ‘we’re good people to work with’ and ‘we know our industry inside out’. At least, it does when it’s treated with the care and respect it deserves.

Mulbury Homes Corporate Portrait

Take Mulbury Homes. The social housing specialist is in the process of reinvigorating its website and the senior team want portraits that do more than allow site visitors to put faces to names.

That’s why I set up two separate shoots – one from a ‘pop-up’ on-site studio which was able to deliver ‘conventional’ portrait shots with a depth and warmth that’s anything but conventional; and the second using the boardroom and HQ exterior to place the senior team in their natural habitat.

The challenge for Mulbury Homes is which set to choose, but either says more about the people and their business than an acre of copy ever could.

It doesn’t matter how camera-shy you are, or how un-photogenic you feel; a great corporate portrait can make a huge difference to you, your business and your customers. Let’s talk about yours.

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