How do we make our corporate photography look good?

I hear this rather a lot: “The thing is, what we do isn’t really, well… photogenic.”

It’s funny isn’t it? You never really think in detail about how you do what you do. You never dissect it into its component parts because when you’re good at something it just comes naturally. You certainly never spend time wondering which parts of the day job would look best on camera. That’s what your commercial photographer is for.

Take Exova. They’re good at many things, from pharmaceutical testing to keeping the oil and gas supply secure. Last week, beneath a relentlessly grey Manchester sky, I joined one of their teams who spend their days keeping our roads pothole-free.

On the face of it, this was a commercial photography shoot in Manchester of men digging holes – not the most obvious candidate for your corporate brochure. But then you see what the team actually does in order to achieve the sort of surface you wish your local roads had. There’s precision measurement, the expert application of tools and experience, careful drilling and attention to detail.

And when your commercial photography shows all that, you start to create a story that goes far deeper than ‘the things you do’. You get to show your skill, dedication and expertise too. And that’s very photogenic indeed.

Let’s talk corporate photography that shows you at your best. Give me a call.

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