Commercial photography on a grand scale

You could tell the world about your production facility’s capacity. Or you could show it.

Knighton Foods Commercial Photo

Knighton Foods probably isn’t a name you know. But I’d put serious money on you having eaten or drunk their products.

They’re the people who supply instant dry powder food products to retailers, manufacturers, food service customers and brand owners. What they produce finds its way into the hot chocolates, custards, coffee creamers, instant milks, desserts, whips and bakery ingredients you probably have in the kitchen cupboard right now.

Knighton Foods Commercial Photo

It’s a big facility, capable of servicing some of the UK’s best known brands, and Knighton Foods want a new website that reflects that capability and scale. That’s where I came in.

I’ve been working again with the expert design people at Furious Lemon, and my brief was to deliver commercial photography that showed the Knighton Food’s operation at its best.

Knighton Foods Commercial Photo

Partly I achieved that through some shots of frankly massive vats and hoppers. That covered the scale element, but capability isn’t just about the machines you have. It’s what your people do with them, and the speed at which you operate.

So to complement the scale, I broadened the remit of the shoot – capturing the speed of production by switching exposure times to blur the products whizzing by, and showing some of Knighton’s people at work, giving the scale a human element.

Knighton Foods Commercial Photo

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